Client's Testimonials


Hi, Jig.

I am very pleased with the quality of service your team has been providing for us over the last three years. Over the years your team has provided us with Great Time Service and amazing flexibility in adapting to our staffing needs. We have been able to stay competitive in our industry with your help and we look forward to our long term relationship with your company.

California's APS Company

Dear Jig,

Both Marilyn and I wanted to pass on how grateful we were for the hospitality shown by you, your wife and your staff. India is known for its hospitality, but you went far beyond our expectations to make sure we enjoyed our time there.

We were able to spend a considerable amount of time with your team. We were pleased with the quality of the people handling our work and by the efforts of your trainers and team leads. In particular, we were surprised and pleased by the positive attitudes of the staff and their desire to achieve. We were impressed by the quality of conversational English exhibited. Please pass on to everyone our impressions and appreciation for their efforts.

During 2009 we demonstrated as a team that we could compete in a very challenging market place. We feel that your help was instrumental to our outstanding results.

We are looking forward to a long relationship, Jig. We have good comfort level with your team.

Again, we hated to leave since we enjoyed the visit so much.

Director – APS

Dear Jig,

For Software Services: MedNautix is a well run and managed company. The level of programming is top notch and they understand how to implement all our requirements quickly, efficiently and within our budget. Basically, if we can think of it, they are able to implement it. The team response’s quickly to all project related needs. In addition, detailed reports are provided on a regular basis, which keeps us abreast of the project status. We will continue our business relations with MedNautix and we are very comfortable in bring additional projects to them.

-Jim Garcia
Record Retrieval Company

Dear Jig,

For Data Entry Services: We are in continuous business with MedNautix and are very impressed with their work. They provide results which are very accurate and within time frame. The staff on our project is diligent, thorough and professional. We praise them for their continuous support of our data entry.

-Christ Croft
Broker Firm