Work Culture

Work Culture

MedNautix’s culture is based on the 5-F framework, where the 5 F’s stand for:

  • Fast: MedNautix believes in speedy actions in whatever we do.
  • Friendly: MedNautix has open culture and is people oriented company.
  • Flexible: MedNautix believes in the spirit of innovation and agility to respond to changing environment.
  • Fun: Monthly sporting events to take mind of work and team building exercises.
  • Focused: The organization remains strongly focused on its business objectives and strategies.

Excellence Awards

Employees are recognized for their significant contributions throughout the year. These recognitions are in form of spot awards, certifications and team awards. Generally client’s feedback is one of the most crucial factors for determining awards. To recognize and reward outstanding contribution made by employees, we have instituted excellence awards which are given every year. The various categories are:

  • Employees of the Month in each Dept
  • Supervisor of the year
  • Employee of the year
  • Outstanding Manager of the year
  • Emerging Star Award