Medical Record Retrieval

Medical Record Retrieval

We, at MedNautix understand the importance of underwriting strong policies in timely manner for life insurance Industry. Retrieving Attending Physician’s Statement in timely manner is not only crucial part but also cumbersome part for Life Insurance Companies and attorneys. With our four years of experience of handling APS request on behalf of our clients we have placed great deal of importance to Time Service and Customer Service. Our employees are highly trained on communicating with medical records custodians at Hospitals, clinics and Physician’s offices. Excellent time service and quality provided to our client is proof of our focus and determination.

MedNautix Expertise (Monthly)

  • +30,000 Orders entered
  • +50,000 Documents Attached
  • +200,000 Calls Placed and Received
  • +22,000 Records Quality Checked

Our System is set up to work on an a la carte basis. You can pick and choose the service that you require.

Customer Service Team

  • Handle incoming call/e-mails from Insurance Company's representative
  • Attend to Medical Provider’s calls in regards to APS request

Data Entry team

  • Validate the data by verifying web request/fax request/e-request form with the database.
  • Verify HIPAA authorization by matching patient’s name and details
  • Locate Doctor / Facility phone number from Client’s Database
  • Conduct Web Research to locate missing information of the Doctor/Facility, if necessary

Initial Contact / Verification Team

  • Verify all the Necessary details with Doctor/Facility:     
    • Doctor name, Facility Name, Copy service name, Requirement for HIPAA/Special Facility Authorization/Letter of Representation, Mode of payment, Amount of payment, Turnaround time and Mode of record retrieval.
  • Negotiate fee if not within client’s or Life Insurance companies's acceptable range.
  • Expedite the APS request whenever applicable.

Follow Up/Record Retrieval Team

  • Confirm receipt of request/prepayment
  • Confirm requirement for additional document/payment if necessary
  • Make effort to get records quickly by building good repo with Physician’s office / Clinics / Hospitals
  • Assess and expedite the process of the request and ensure it is on the right track

Quality Assurance Team

  • Confirm Patient Name, DOB and SSN with request and records received.
  • Check the image quality of the records.
  • Delete blank pages and out of range pages.
  • Organize medical records as per each Insurance companies and attorneys requirement (Progress note, Labs, Reports, etc)
  • Generate Invoices as per client’s agreement with Insurance companies and attorneys.