Technology Infrastructure

Your technology infrastructure is the backbone of your business. Weak, archaic or disparate systems hurt overall performance and jeopardize your bottom line. MedNautix solves all these problems with integrated technology infrastructure solutions that are custom built to surmount your unique challenges. The TI solution area focuses on designing and implementing platforms that provide a scalable architecture for distributed and secure enterprise-quality systems. Specifically, MedNautix provides solutions in the following focus areas:

Network and Application Architecture

At the center of your business are your network and the applications that depend upon it. Downtime causes halted productivity, increased expenditures and even lost customers. MedNautix understands the need to keep both internal and external systems up and running without costly downtime and constant break/fix requests. Our certified experts design and implement scalable network and application architecture solutions that maximize uptime, up to 99.999 percent of the time. We anticipate your needs and plan for those needs from day one, making today's solutions a solid investment in your future.

Reliable and scalable communication networking and application platforms including WANs/LANs, Windows Server, Active Directory, Identity Integration Server and SQL Server.

Messaging and Collaboration

A messaging system is more than just a way of communicating - it's a collaboration tool for development and decision-making enabling teams to reach a shared vision make sound decisions and achieve greater productivity. A reliable messaging system is even more essential when time and distance separate your key team members. MedNautix helps all team members communicate quickly and efficiently by building dependable messaging systems for one location or a thousand. We keep your team in touch and on track with scalable solutions and maximum uptime.

With a myriad of information flying over your network, across the Internet, through e-mails and accessed via portals, security breaches and virus attacks are very real concerns. MedNautix puts a team of experts at work to build top-notch security systems that let your workers access important data while keeping viruses and external threats at bay. We use a powerful combination of firewalls, virus protection and intrusion detection to protect Web servers, e-mail servers and individual desktops. Asset, data and intrusion protection for key business systems using MedNautix proven best practices and supported by technologies such as Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA) and Systems Management Server (SMS).