Web Design Service

Is your website as devoted to your success as you are? If used correctly, your web presence can be a powerful and beneficial extension of your business. MedNautix's Development group can create or improve your online business image with unique and dynamic website designs that attract and maintain customers. Our solutions often have the added benefit of serving automate and boost your customer support efforts.

Before you read on, ask yourself a question about your current website: If it's not working for you, are you really on the web?

Brochure Websites

"More than 40% of repeat visitors are lost due to a negative experience" - Gartner Research
MedNautix expertise in tackling unique, dynamic and innovative projects, drawing from our designers' creative talents along with our consultants' knowledge of the latest technologies and trends. Our site design services can be applied to projects large and small, to create a smooth flowing website experience.

A website can serve multiple purposes such as:

  • Attracting and retaining new clients
  • Providing sales support when turning prospects into customers
  • Automating and enhancing customer support services

Whether creating a new website, micro site or enhancing an existing site, MedNautix will work with you to refine the features and functionality of your website to ensure it fully serves your purposes.

Some common processes employed by the MedNautix development group when working on your website include the following:

Website Needs Analysis

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you aware of the web trends in your industry?
  • Do you know what your existing customers want from your website?
  • Does your website express the right benefits to your possible customers?

Now, are you confident your website is producing utmost results? We can help you integrate and restructure your tools to better meet your business needs.

Let us look at your website, study your web traffic, observe the sites of your competitors, evaluate the on-line market potential and then take your website to the next level. Contact us today for a free website needs analysis.

Website Maintenance

Creating a web existence is not a project, but a continuing process. Website maintenance is more than just the frequently content update. It's about making sure your site is working for you, producing results long after the initial launch.

By tracking and analyzing the visitor activity to your site, we can make refinements based on their actions. This ongoing process will improve your traffic and hence sales conversions.

Content Management Site

Website Content Management Systems (CMS) allow internal users/administrators to provide new website content in the form of articles. The articles are typically entered as plain text or through a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWG) editor, thus not requiring the internal users have website coding skills. Outside of plain text content, these systems allow for placement of multimedia, image or other web content types.

CMS then uses rules to style the article, separating the display from the content, which has a number of advantages when trying to maintain pages with a consistent "look and feel". The system then adds the articles to a larger collection for publishing.

The systems also often include some sort of concept of the workflow for the internal users, which defines how the new content is to be routed around the system.

Typical Content Management Features:

  • Online authoring / change approval
  • WYSIWYG editing
  • Workflow including a review and publishing process
  • Session and user management
  • Indexing and Searching
  • Object Storage
  • Templating
  • Image and URL management

A MedNautix CMS solution may be a good platform for your website if one or more of the following is true:

  • The content on your website needs to updated frequently
  • Your website contains 50% or higher of content
  • You wish to maintain the website in-house without the use of website programmers or webmasters


Ecommerce website development is much more than a regular website development. The development demands are bigger.

You are dealing with real-time customers and not just visitors to your site. First thing your visitors will look in your website is the value you’ll be offering. However, it is not enough to have your value plan right and assume your website will be a success.

Numerous factors contribute to the success of an ecommerce website; major among these are your service and presentation. You also need to have an attractive website that is easy to use without assistance. Reliability and security from a customer point of view are also major contributing factors.

However, the factor that takes the cake is expertise! To operate a successful ecommerce website you need to operate on the latest technology and rapidly adapt to technological changes. Yet, you have to keep in mind that fundamentals of ecommerce don’t really depend on technology. People don’t care what technology your site is running on, all they are concerned is how your site will help them enhance their shopping experience. MedNautix’s extensive experience in developing ecommerce solutions has helped us to help you make your ecommerce solutions development more easy and less-time consuming.

Intranet, Extranets and Portal

Intranet, Extranets and Portal solutions enable you to truly use the Internet for business advantage.


An Intranet is a secure website used within an organization to share knowledge, company communication and idea collaboration. We provide Paperless solutions for your organization.


An Extranet is also a secure website used to communicate primarily with your customers, partners and vendors. Extranets are an excellent means to provide safe business-to-business activities that will increase your bottom line.


A web portal is an online starting point for a content oriented website. It can include aspects such as search tools, chat rooms, the latest news, shopping and many more services.

A portal can provide an alternative means for gaining new business and customers. It can establish your company as an authority figure in your field or can act as an online interface between your staff / vendors and /or clients.

Web portal services often include a search engine or directory, news, email, photo gallery, maps, forums, chat, weather, and options for customization.

MedNautix's Development group is highly skilled in portal development having worked on numerous sites over the last five years.